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Opto-mechanic systems planning

Extensive experience in development electro-optical and opto-mechanical systems

Equipping optical arrays

Planning optical mechanism, such as focus, mechanism, diopter field replacement

systems, etc.

Equipping medical and communications laser systems

Equipping systems that include fiber optics


Precision planning and production of multidisciplinary products 

Planning complex systems that include movement and control, complex mechanisms,

and dual and tri-axis human-robot interfaces for automated systems, including

control software.

Pneumatic systems for testing equipment and production processes

Experience in developing automated systems

Improving and upgrading machinery as needed


Planning and production of systems with the military standard

Extensive experience in developing military systems, avionics and stabilization systems, and weapons stabilization systems for armored fighting vehiclesSpecialization in developing active defense systems

Experience in developing soldier assistance systems

Move from design to production and engineering support

Support for industrial, architectural, and artists

Carry the design to production technologies while keeping most of the original design

Prepare production and assembly schematics

Prepare production files, product files, and assembly instructions

Provision of outsourcing services

Outsourcing engineers and draughtsman at the client’s premises on either an hourly or projects basis

Advising on the selection of materials

Preparing blueprints and assembly schematics

Preparing production files, product files, and assembly instructions