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Facility for inserting covers for testing pressure in tanks

Three axis pneumatic systems for inserting covers into tanks for testing pressure. The system was designed and produced for Bell Systems to test the sturdiness of high pressure water desalination tanks. The facility enables three-way

Dual axis pneumatic table for casted aluminum grinding

A dual axis pneumatic table for casted aluminum engine blade mounts. The facility was designed and produced fro Beit Shemesh Engines Ltd. for grinding solid extrusions from engine blades

Data display screen

 An optical ensemble that includes an eyepiece with a diopter mechanism and LCD display for displaying additional information for laser range finders. Theensemble includes a solid plastic case and fast attachment mechanism for military laser range finders

Facility for processing industrial paper

A facility for the pasting, channeling and cutting of industrial paper. The facility was designed for manual or controlled automated operation with three powered axes

Soldier head display

A data display attached to a soldier’s helmet that includes a calibration and eye positioning mechanism and a fast replacement mechanism between the right and left eye

Dual axis spraying robot

A robot for spray coating metal products with two powered axes and a full command and control system

Optical bench

An optical bench for two cameras including a boresight mechanism  gsdfgsfg sdfgsdfg s   


Blackhawk helicopter model

 A 1:1 scale model of a Blackhawk helicopter for infantry training sfgsdfg sfdgdfgsfg s

Bus stop

Transit from architectural design to convention production technologies without damaging the original design. Planned for I.M. Segev Metal Industries Ltd

Encoder calibration testing equipment

 Specialized testing equipment for calibration and encoding an optical encoder   sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsfsdfsdfsdfsdfs