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Invent Engineering Solutions is engaged in providing outsourcing services for the development, planning and production of systems in the field of precision mechanics, electro-mechanics, opto-mechanics and military and medical standard systems from the concept stage to the delivery of a finished product.


We offer a variety of services tailored to the client's needs
תכנון ופיתוח מערכות מולטי-דיסיפלינריות

Plan and Design

Invent Engineering Solutions specializes in designing and developing multidisciplinary systems, stabilized systems, opto-mechanical assemblies with high precision, electronic equipment in the field of RF and systems in military and medical standards.


Our engineers have decades of experience in designing and developing systems for the leading companies in the economy such as Elbit, HP, Philips, IAS and more...


Providing consulting services and engineering support to companies in the field of engineering from the phase of forming the concept of the product through the open phase to production and assembly.

Invent Engineering Solutions has a lot of experience in a variety of production technologies, which allows it to maximally adapt the production technology to the required product.

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יצור מוצרים


Innet Engineering Solutions provides manufacturing services from the prototype stage through the first series to serial production in a variety of manufacturing technologies in Israel and abroad. It also provides 3D printing services and at a high level of finish with an emphasis on meeting short deadlines and maintaining high quality.

Production capabilities include conventional technologies such as machining, bent cans, molds and plastic injections.


Innet Technological Solutions provides assembly services (Buiild-to print) of assemblies and sub-systems in small series and serial production.

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Car Factory

Who we are

About the company

Invent Engineering Solutions was founded in 2011 by Uri Kopelman and David Ben Yishai, mechanical engineers with over 25 years of experience.

The company is engaged in providing outsourcing services for the development, planning and production of systems in the field of precision mechanics, electro-mechanics, opto-mechanics and systems in military and medical standards.

Also, the company specializes in planning control and automation systems, improving and optimizing production machines and carrying out the transfer of ideas from the industrial design phase to actual creation.


The company specializes in providing comprehensive engineering solutions to customers from various industries starting with consulting at the concept stage for defining specifications for the product, carrying out planning, transferring from development to production to the delivery of products in series.


The extensive experience of the company's captains in a wide variety of projects in the various industries has led them to the ability to understand, plan and implement engineering solutions with a different approach, unconventional solutions combining planning and production methods from different fields that save time and cost.


The company's customers enjoy personal service throughout the project's stages, while making sure to adhere to schedules and specifications.


The company makes available to its customers collaborations with subcontractors in areas such as: propulsion and control, manufacturers of chip processing, sheet metal, plastics and rapid prototyping which enables the company to provide comprehensive engineering solutions.


The uniqueness of Invent Engineering Solutions is in creating solutions with a different thinking, outside the box, and therefore this is the reason that its customers return for more projects.

The Team


Tal Eldar Kopelman 
COO & Business  Development

Holds extensive experience in business development and operations management from high-tech and retail large-scale and well-known companies in the Israeli market.  As part of her previous roles, she also acted as a personal assistant to CEOs and presidents. 

Ms. Eldar took a significant role in establishing Invent Engineering Solutions since the day the company was founded.

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David Ben- Yishai
Founder & Deputy CEO

BS.c in mechanical engineering from Ben Gurion University Israel.  Many years of experience in engineering and development. Served as an engineering consultant at the product design department in the Academy of Art and Design - Bezalel

Uri Kopelman
Founder & CEO

B.Sc in mechanical engineering from Staffordshire University in England.  Many years of experience in engineering, management and development

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We believe in a long-term relationship with our customers
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