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Our projects

Invent Engineering Solutions provides comprehensive services from the product planning phase to its final assembly.

We specialize in designing and developing multidisciplinary systems, stabilized systems, opto-mechanical assemblies with high precision, electronic equipment in the field of RF and systems in military and medical standards.

We provide production services from the prototype stage through first series to serial production using a variety of production technologies in Israel and abroad. We also provide 3D printing services and at a high level of finish with an emphasis on meeting short deadlines and maintaining high quality. Production capabilities include conventional technologies such as machining, bent cans, molds and plastic injections.

Below are examples of selected projects of the company:

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Goniomert (military theodolite

Client: "Astronautics K.A."
A military standard opto-mechanical device. Used as a flanking and elevation unitfor optics
and includes rough and precise alignment and elevation mechanisms
and Counterbalance counterbalance locking mechanism.
Accuracy better than 0.1 billionth

An industrial line for the treatment and coating of pipes for the automotive industry


Client: "Yoren Metal Works" company
Designing 7 meter long washing and coating tubs.
Designing drying ovens.
Make constructions.

Industrial line for anodizing coating for rackets

Client: "Yoren Metal Works" company
Designing 12 meter long washing and coating tubs.
Designing a drying oven.
Make constructions.
Make a bridge crane.

HP digital printing drum calibration kit

Client: Aran Research and Development Company
High precision opto-mechanical CBA for calibrating a print drum.

A laboratory device for testing active substances in the cannabis flower